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JM: Owwww Baby,
RM: I think we'll get them here
JM: Feel my hand, you know woman.
RM: Right here.
JM: He understands.
JM: I don't know, I can't figure it out.
RM: I was a young boy
I was just about five
??? popular
??? thing alive
Now I'm a man,
I'm past twenty one,
You know baby,
have a lot of fun
Yeah, I'm a man,
Tell them why,
Listen here,
What I say,
I know,
What's going down,
All you people,
Can never keep us down,
Well I'm a man,
and so are those other guys,
I have three men with me,
And they don't let us ???
I got some young studs,
With nothing but love,
Every day,
We're taking you own,
All you people,
About what's going on,
Came to us,
We'll take over the world,
We're going to own it,
Make it like we want it,
We got to be by your hand,
You got to understand,
You got to come along,
I'll tell you boy, fast,
I'll tell your grown ups now,
I tell even all your children,
I'll tell even all your girls,
I'll tell even all your boys,
You make those understand,
Yo Willy, don't you understand,
Get together,
Hold your hands,
We're going to take it over,
Girl by your side,
A woman has her man,
There's nothing that can stop you,
You own it, you own it,
How you all supposed to be ?
You like it the way it is ?
You want to be something ?
You want them to be good ?
Mother and Father,
You want all those things ?
I'm finding it hard to tell you guys,

I want to touch you,
I want to touch you down there,
I want to know you,
I want to feel you
I want to feel you,
I want you to know me,
I want you to be with me,
Doing all right with you,
Feeling real good,
Ohh yeah,
I want it to be something,
Are we going to let it fall apart ?
Are we going to let them take it ?
Are we going to take it ? Mmmm
Are we going to take it ?
And make it something great, huh ?
Make it something beautiful,
Make it whatever you want,
And then so we can eat,
Don't you realise ?
Don't you realise ?
Don't you feel ?
So you know the pain,
So you own the stars,…..
So you feel the moon,
So you own the stars,


We're all god's ….
We're all god's ….
We own the universe,
We own the stars,
We own the stars,
We own the stars,
We own the world,
We own it all,
Ohh yeahhh,


{Instrumental Break}
RM (speech): I'd like each one of you to realise, to realise themselves, to realise …..
Deep down inside of them ….


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