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In the eye of the sun, before the world had begun
Taking it easy, I was having some fun
Loafin' and a jokin',it was all energy
No such thing as you and or me

No time, pure mind
In the eye of the sun, before the world had begun

It had been a lot of work the last time around
I needed a rest, a chance to just lie down
Always on the go, no time to kill
A lot of runnin' to and fro, hard workin' at the mill

So it blew up, and I flew up
Into the eye of the sun before the world had begun

Well I hung around, I don't know how many years
No more troubles, no more fears
Had a lot of rest with-a nothing to do

No action, No reaction
In the eye of the sun, before the world had begun

I wanted flesh and blood and skin and bones
A multi-dimensional universal home
I wanted space and time, up and down
Life and death, and love all around
I knew there'd be trouble, but I could pull through

So, I thought up the world and you did too


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Concert post-Morrison
23 novembre 1971Carnegie Hall - New York, NYEnregistrement "audience"
26 novembre 1971Hollywood Paladium - Hollywood, CAEnregistrement "audience"
2 mars 1972C.W. Post College Dome Auditorium - Greenvale, NYEnregistrement "audience"
3 mars 1972Painters Mill Music Theatre - Owings Mill, MDEnregistrement "audience"
12 mars 1972Fort Homer Hesterly Armory - Tampa, FLEnregistrement "audience"
1 mai 1972Olympia Theater - Paris, FranceEnregistrement "audience"
3 mai 1972Radio Bremen TV - Bremen, Allemagne de l'OuestEnregistrement "soundboard" (Beat Club)
12 mai 1972Imperial College Great Hall - Londres, AngleterreEnregistrement "audience"
21 juillet 1972Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, ILEnregistrement "soundboard"
13 août 1972Balboa Stadium - San Diego, CaEnregistrement "audience"
21 août 1972Wollman Memorial Rink (Central Park) - New York, NYEnregistrement "audience"
10 septembre 1972Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CAEnregistrement "audience"