Voici la liste de toutes les chansons des Doors (il ne doit pas en manquer beaucoup...). Les colonnes Paroles et Partitions indiquent si les paroles et les partitions de chaque chanson sont disponibles. Cliquez sur le nom d'une chanson pour voir ses paroles, ses partiions et la liste des albums et des enregistrements où la chanson apparaît

"All My Life's A Bright Delusion"
"Bring Out Your Dead"
"Can The Wind Have It All"
"Can You Stand By And Watch The Pictures Burn"
"Coda Queen"
"Count The Dead And Wait For Morning"
"Darker...Turn Down Your Lights"
"Dawn's Highway"
"Everything Is Fucked Up As Usual"
"Everything You Do Will Be Reported"
"Feel Warm Days And Faces Come Again"
"I Hate To End My Song"
"I Want To Love You, Baby"
"I'm Calling You"
"If I Get My Hands On A Dollar Bill"
"Illustrious Musical Geniuses..."
"I’ve Got The Right..."
"Keep Faith In What You See"
"Leave The Poor Kid Alone"
"Let's Feed Ice Cream To The Rats"
"Let's Roll, All Night Long"
"Love My Girl, All Night Long"
"Maybe It's Not For Sure"
"Meet Me In The Graveyard"
"Next One Comin' Down The Line"
"Old Stone Road"
"Once I Had A Friend..."
"Poor Otis, Dead And Gone"
"Sittin' Round Thinkin'"
"Something Wrong, Something Not Quite Right"
"Stop The Car, I’m Getting Out"
"Strange Gods Are Coming"
"The Accident"
"The Royal Sperm"
"Tony Glover' Blues Jam #1"
"Tony Glover' Blues Jam #2"
"Vast Radiant Beach"
"We Tried So Hard"
"Winter Photography"
"You Got Fishes For Your Friends"
"You Know I Had A Friend"
A Conversation With The Crowd
A Drift Amongst The Free Forms
XA Feast Of Friends
XA Little Game
A Request Of The Management
A Vast Radiant Beach
A Vision Of America
A Young Girl
About Absolutely Live
XAcross The Sea
Act Of Love
XAdolph Hitler
African Daisy
After The Cut Off
Ain't Got The Time
XAlabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
All Blues
All Hail The American Night
All Rite, All Rite, All Rite
XAmerican Night
XAn American Prayer
Angel W/ No Freedom
XAngels And Sailors
Announcer Intro
Announcer Outro
Art Deco Fandango
XAway In India
Azure Skies
B-Side Night
XBaby Please Don't Go
XBabylon Fading
XBack Door Man
Bag Lady
Baja Bus
Band Introduction
Bass Line Street
Be With Me
XBeen Down So Long
Begin The World
Behind The Beat
Behind The Night
Beneath The Raven's Wings
Bicentennial Blues (Love It Or Leave it)
Big Bucket "T"
Big Oak Basin
XBird Of Prey
Birth Of A Song
Bitter Sky Blue
XBlack Polished Chrome
XBlack Train Song
Bleeding Heart (par Jimi Hendrix)
Blinded By Love
Blow Top
Blue Note Shuffle
XXBlue Sunday
Blues For Bali
Blues Jam
Boiling Rage
Book Of Days
Bootlegger's Chat
XXBreak On Through (To The Other Side)
Broken Circle
Broken Highways
XBuild Me A Woman
Bunded By Love
Can We Resolve The Past
Carmina Burana : Introduction
XCars Hiss By My Window
Caught In A Panic
Caught In The Middle
Chant Movement
Children Of The Night
Choose Up And Choose Off
Circle Twist
XClose To You
Come, My Beauty
Concert Introduction
Corner Of My Mind
Costa Brava
XCrawling King Snake
Cup Of Dark
XCurses, Invocations
Dark Stare
XDawn's Highway
XDead Cats, Dead Rats
Die High
XDo It
Do You Believe In Reincarnation?
Do You Have A Great Big Ego?
Does Anybody Have A Cigarette?
XDon't Go No Farther
Don't Wake Up
XDown Of The Farm
Downbound Train
Eagles Song
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
East End, West End
XXEasy Ride
Ed Sullivan's Introduction
Eleanor Rigby
XXEnd Of The Night
End Of The Show
Ether Woman
Every Day
Everybody's Fool
Extrait De Conférence De Presse
Fade In
Fade Out
Far Arden
Far From Slumber
Fat Mama Kick
Feelin' So Bad
XXFive To One
Forget This Is The Square Garden (Rap)
XFour Billion Souls
XFreedom Exists
Frozen Moment By A Lake
Fun Rap
Game Of Skill
Gavin Leggit
XGet Off My Life
Get Off My Life, Woman
XGet Up And Dance
Get Up, Stand Up
XGhost Song
XGo Insane
XGoin' To New York
Gonna Have A Real Good Time (Rap)
XGood Rockin'
XGraveyard Poem
Guitar Imporvisation
XHang To Your Life
Happy Birthday Ian
Hard Rock Cafe
XHardwood Floor
Harlem Nocturne
Has It Definitely Been Decided That You're Going To Jail?
Haunted Spouse
Have You Ever Been Hassled On The Road By The Police?
Have You Seen The Company Theatre Play?
Have Your Earlier Visualizations For The Group Become A Realization?
He Can't Come Today
He Was No General
Heart Of Fire
Heartbreak Hotel
XHello To The Cities
XXHello, I Love You
Her Majesty
XHeroin (par Velvet Underground et Nico)
Hey You The Painter
Hip Misfit Dance
Hitler Poem
Holly Shaw Poem
Holy Music
Hoochie Coochie Man
XHorse Latitudes
XHour For Magic
XHouse Announcer
How Did Your Fame Affect Your Family?
How Do You Feel About Being Called The Lizard King?
How Do You Feel About Plays Written About You?
How Do You Think You'll Die?
How Is Your Book Doing?
How Would I Know
Howling & Moaning
XXHyacinth House
Hyper Yachting
I Believe In Democracy
XI Can't See Your Face In My Mind
I Didn't Know You Have A Sister
XXI Looked At You
I Think It's About Time For An Introduction
I Wake Up Screaming
I want You, I Need You, I Love You
XI Will Never Be Untrue
I Won't Be Alone Anymore
XI'm A King Bee
I'm A Man
I'm Back
I'm Gonna Tell On You
XI'm Horny, I'm Stoned
I'm Talkin' About Having A Good Time (Rap)
I'm Your Doctor
If The Whole World Was Mine
If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
If You Had To Do The Whole Thing Over What Would You Have Done?
If You Spend Eight Months In Jail, What's Going To Happen To The Group?
Ikin Retnin
In Conclusion Darling
In That Year
XIn The Eye Of The Sun
In The Pyramid
In The Tavern
Indian Indian Poem
XIndian Summer
Indian, Indian What Did You Die For
Indians Scattered On Dawn's Highway
Introduction & Mauvais Départ par Murray "K"
Introduction par Murray "K"
Is Everybody In ?
Is There Any Left (Rap)
XIt Slipped My Mind
It Was For Jim
It's Gonna Work Out Fine
Jim Introduces Ray
Jim Introduces The Movie
Jim Morrison's Last Recording Session
Jim's Dialogue With The Audience
Jim's Introduction
Jim: A Hero Is Someone Who Rebels Against The Facts Of Existence
Jim: About Interviews
Jim: About Love
Jim: I Had A Trial
Jim: I Like Interviews
Jim: John Got Married Sunday
Jim: The Group's At A Critical Point
Just For You
Kansas City
XXL.A. Woman
La Tormenta
Ladies And Gentlemen
Lake Lady
XXLand HO!
XLast Poet Land
XLatino Chrome
Lecture de poèmes de Jim Morrison
XXLight My Fire
XLions In The Street
XLittle Red Rooster
Livin' And Dyin'
Lonely Teardrops
Louie, Louie
Love Flies Everywhere
XXLove Her Madly
XLove Hides
Love It Or Leave It
XLove Me Tender
XXLove Me Two Times
XXLove Street
Love Will Make You Mellow
Love Your Brother
Lovin' You For All The Right Reasons
Low Bottomy
XMack The Knife
XMaggie M'Gill
Man O'Jazz
XManish Boy
Marilyn Monroe
Mauvais Départ par Murray "K"
Me And The Devil Blues
Mean Mustard Blues
XMental Floss
Midnight Queen
Missionary Jam
Money Beats Soul
XXMoonlight Drive
Moonshine Night
More, More, More!
Morrison Lament (par Jimi Hendrix)
Motel, Money, Murder, Madness
Murray "K" & Jim Morrison Conversation
Murray "K" Introduction & People Are Strange
XXMy Eyes Have Seen You
XMy Wild Love
XMystery Train
XNames Of The Kingdom
Never Before In Public
New Ways
XNewborn Awakening
Night Flight
Nite City
No Limits, No Laws (Rap)
XNo Me Moleste Mosquito
No Revolution
XXNot To Touch The Earth
Now Listen To This (Texas Radio & The Big Beat # 2)
Now Listen...This Is The "Square Garden", Right?
Ode to Friedrich Nietzsche
Oh Thou Precious Nectar Filled From (Or) A Little
One Way Out
XOrange County Suite
Orange Midnight
Out Of The Mood
Outside Woman Blues (par Jimi Hendrix)
XXPeace Frog
XXPeople Are Strange
XPeople Get Ready
People Say The Doors Have Declined
Perfumed Garden
Persian Night
XPetition The Lord With Prayer
Petition The Lord With Prayer #1
Petition The Lord With Prayer #2
XPiano Bird
Piano Interlude
Piggy's Song
Poetic Improvisation
Poetry Session
XPootang Blues
Pop Idols And Rock Stars
Power Cut Off
Prelude to Wake up
Preparation For Death & The True Found Self
Pulling The Plug
XQueen Of The Highway
XQueen Of The Magazines
Rap With The Audience
Ray Of The Wine
Ray Stories
Reach Out I'll Be There
Red Alert
Red House (par Jimi Hendrix)
Reggae Funk
Restart The Cassette Machine
XXRiders On The Storm
Riding On The Wings Of Love
XXRoadhouse Blues
Roadhouse Moan
Roadhouse Rap
Roadhouse Vamp
XRock Is Dead
Rock Is Dead #1
Rock Is Dead #2
Rock Is Dead #3
Rock Is Dead #4
XRock Me
XRunnin' Blue
Sam Cha Cha
Segment I
Segment II
Segment III
Segment IV
Seminary School
XShaman's Blues
She's Selling News In The Market
XShip Of Fools
XShips With Sails
Snake Oil
So What
Softly (In The Morning Sunrise)
Solar Boat
XXSomeday Soon
XXSoul Kitchen
Soul Train
XXSpanish Caravan
Spare Change
XSt. James Infirmary
Steel Winged Phoenix
Stone Incantation
XStoned Immaculate
XXStrange Days
Street Fighting Man
Summer Eyes
XXSummer’s Almost Gone
XSunday Trucker
Sunset Ride
Sunshine Of Your Love (par Jimi Hendrix)
Sweet Danger
Sweetest Boy
XXTake It As It Comes
Tales From The Underground Kings
Talking Blues
Tatooed Love Boys
XXTell All The People
Texas Radio & The Big Beat #1
Thank You
Thank You, Oh Lord
That's All Right
The Ally
The American Night
The Beat Defenders
The Big Hurt (Dolores)
The Brazen Empress
The Butchers's Shop Day
XThe Celebration Of The Lizard
XThe Changeling
The Concert Continues
The Cosmic Movie
The Crowd Again Requests
The Crowd Again Requests Their Favorites
The Crowd Humbly Requests
The Crowd Requests More
The Crowd Requests Their Favorites
XXThe Crystal Ship
The Dance
The Dark Los Angeles Evening
The Devil Is A Woman
The Dreamer
The Earth's Revenge
The Electrician
XXThe End
The Face Of Spring
The First Time (I Heard Coltrane)
The Gambler
The Golden Scarab
The High Bright Sun
XThe Hill Dwellers
XThe Hitchhiker
The Holy Sha
The Idea For Theatrecality In Rock
The Journey
The Love Parasites
The Lovers
The Magic Tavern
The Morrish Idol
XThe Mosquito
XThe Movie
The Music Capital Of The World, Philadelphia
The Night Bus
XThe Palace Of Exile
XThe Peking King And The New York Queen
The Plumes Of Fire
The Purpose Of Existence Is ?
The Roasted Swan
The Serpent Mistress
XThe Severed Garden (Adagio)
The Shaman
XThe Soft Parade
The Soft Parade Intro #1
The Soft Parade Intro #2
XXThe Spy
The Stooges And Other Groups
The Third Mind
The Trial, Were You Scared?
The Truth Is On His Chest
XXThe Unknown Soldier
XThe WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)
The Wheel Of Fortune
The Whell Of Fortune
The Whole Thing Started With Rock'n'Roll And Now It's Out Of Control
XThe World On Fire
The Wounds Of Fate
There You Sit
There's A Belief By The Children Of Man
They Want More
Thousands Of Dollars Rest Upon This Day
XTightrope Ride
XTo Come Of Age
Tomorrow Never Knows (par Jimi Hendrix)
XXTouch Me
XXTwentieth Century Fox
Under Waterfall
XXUnhappy Girl
XUniversal Mind
Uranus Rock (par Jimi Hendrix)
XVariety Is The Spice Of Life
Vast Radiant Beach
Vegetable Wizard
Vince Treanor’s Announcement
Violet Love
Vocal Introduction
Wait A minute!
XXWaiting For The Sun
XWake Up
XWandering Musician
War Toad (peace frog remix)
We Can't Instigate
XXWe Could Be So Good Together
We're Rolling
What About The Police?
What About The State Of America?
What Did You Do That Evening?
What Do We Do Next?
What Do You Like To Hear?
What Do You Plan To Do In The Future?
What Do You Think Of Yourself As A Human Being?
What Grade Did They Give You?
What Is The Climate Of America In Your Opinion?
What Is Your Primary Belief?
What Kind Of Films Did You Make At UCLA?
What Was The Isle Of Wight Concert Like?
What Was Your State Of Mind In Miami?
When Radio Dark Night Existed
XWhen The Music's Over
Whirling Dervish
XWhiskey, Mystics and Men
Whiskey, Mystics and Men #1
Whiskey, Mystics and Men #2
White House
XWho Do You Love
XWho Scared You
Why Does My Mind Circle Around You
Why The Lack Of Practice?
XWild Child
Wild Hair
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Winter Photography
XXWintertime Love
XXWishful Sinful
With The Deaths Of Jimi And Janis, Why Do You Think They Burned Themselves Out?
Woke Up This Morning And You Find Yourself Dead (par Jimi Hendrix)
Woman In The Window
XWoman Is A Devil
XXYes, The River Knows
You Can't Stop The Words
XYou Make Me Real
XYou Need Meat (Don't Go No Further)
XXYou're Lost Little Girl
Your Daddy's Home
‘Round Midnight