In Concert

IN CONCERT - mai 1991 - Quatrième album en concert. C'est en fait Absolutely Live, Alive She Cried et Live At The Hollywood Bowl combinés en un coffret de deux disques. Si vous avez un disque à vous acheter des Doors en concert, c'est bel et bien celui-ci.

In Concert - Disque 1
1.House Announcer2:40
2.Who Do You Love6:02
3.Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)1:52
4.Back Door Man2:22
5.Love Hides1:48
6.Five To One4:35
7.Build Me A Woman3:34
8.When The Music's Over14:49
9.Universal Mind4:55
10.Petition The Lord With Prayer0:53
11.Dead Cats, Dead Rats1:53
12.Break On Through (To The Other Side)4:41
13.Lions In The Street1:15
14.Wake Up1:24
15.A Little Game1:10
16.The Hill Dwellers2:40
17.Not To Touch The Earth4:14
18.Names Of The Kingdom1:24
19.The Palace Of Exile2:21
20.Soul Kitchen7:15
Total : 71:47
In Concert - Disque 2
1.Roadhouse Blues6:13
3.Light My Fire / Graveyard Poem9:55
4.You Make Me Real3:04
5.The WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)1:52
6.Love Me Two Times3:18
7.Little Red Rooster (avec John Sebastian à l'harmonica)7:05
8.Moonlight Drive / Horse Latitudes5:33
9.Close To You5:27
10.The Unknown Soldier4:25
11.The End15:43
Total : 68:54

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