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Note de Pierre-Yves : J'aimerais remercier qui m'a été d'une aide précieuse pour mes descriptions de bootlegs, beaucoup d'information figure dans son livre The Doors Bootleg Collection, qui m'a grandement aidé. Cliquez ici pour accéder à son site. Les bootlegs avec une petite flèche sont les cds que je recommande.

A Conversation With Jim Morrison
Alabama Song
All Hail The American Night
All Stars Presents : Doors Best Of
American Prayer Alive
An American Prayer / Movie Soundtrack 2 In 1
Apocalypse Now
Autumn Life : Live At The Matrix
Bloody Carnivor
Blues Before Sunrise / The Black Angel's Death Song
Build Me A Woman
Canadian Night
Central Park New York Aug. 21 1972
Crawling King Snake
Do You Wanna Have Fun Tonight ?
Down The Rivers And Highways
Essential Rarities
Feel The Blues [American Concert Series]
Feel The Blues [Gema]
First Flash Of Eden
Forever Gold
Four Closed Doors
Freedom Man
From The Inside : Live And Unreleased
Full Circle
Further Adventure With The Mojo Wire
Future Is Murder
Ghost Song On Dawn's Highway
Go Insane [Aulica Records]
Go Insane [Oil Well Records]
Golden Collection 2000
Highschool Confidential
I'm A Sunday Trucker Christian Motherfucker
Isle Of Wight Festival
Jim Morrison Doors
Jim’s Alive - The Ultimate Seattle Tapes
Keep The Fire Alive
King Arthurs Court
L.A. Woman / Waiting For The Sun 2 in 1
Les Doors : Un Film d'Oliver Stone
Light My Fire [Duchesse Records]
Light My Fire [On Stage / Sarabandas]
Light My Fire [Universe Records]
Liquid Night
Live At The Madison Square Garden New York City; NY. On February 1st 1970
Live At The Matrix In Los Angeles In March 1967
Live At The Storytellers
Live In Boston Back Bay Theater 1968 2nd Show
Live In Los Angeles
Live In Miami 1969
Live In Seattle
Live In Seattle : 1970
Live In Stockholm 1968
Live In Stockholm ’68 Volume Two
Live In Vancouver
Live U.S.A.
Live Vol. 1
Live Vol. 2
Lizard King
Love Me Tender
Memorial Coliseum Dallas July 9 1968
Missing Links
More Missing Links
Morrison Hotel / Strange Days 2 In 1
Mr. Mojo Risin’ Again The Live Performance ’93 And More
Mystery Train
Mystic Man
New York 1970
No Future
No Limits
Object Of Desire
One Hundred Minutes
Opening The Doors Of Perception
Other Voices
Other Voices / Full Circle
Other Voices / Full Circle 2 In 1
Palace Of Exile
Poems, Lyrics And Stories By James Douglas Morrison
Predatory Conservator Of Jim's Culture
Pure Expression Of Joy
Ray Manzarek : Live At The Whiskey A Go Go Vol. 1
Ray Manzarek : Live At The Whiskey A Go Go Vol. 2
Reality Means Insanity
Red Walls Blue Doors
Replica Blues
Roundhouse Blues
San Francisco 1967
Set The Night On Fire
Sneaking Out The Backdoor
Soul In The Mirror
Stoned But Articulate
Summer's Almost Gone
T.V. Bleeding
T.V. Eye
Television 1968
The Beautiful Die Young
The Best Rock N' Ballad
The Ceremony Continues
The Complete Matrix Club Tapes
The Complete Matrix Tapes Vol.1
The Complete Matrix Tapes Vol.2
The Complete Matrix Tapes Vol.3
The Doors / The Soft Parade 2 In 1
The Doors Complete
The Doors [Lamejor Musica Records]
The Doors [Sakkaris Records]
The Interview
The Last Farewell
The Live Doors - Europe September 1968
The Live Doors - U.S.A March 1967
The Lizard King Volume 1
The Lizard King Volume 2
The Lizard King Volume 3
The Lizard King Volume 4
The Look Behind Collection
The Lost Paris Tapes
The Matrix Tapes
The Night On Fire [Living Legend Records]
The Night On Fire [Tangie Town Records]
The Stockholm Tapes
Toronto Pop Festival 1969 Plus Other Rarities
Touch Me
Turn Out The Lights
U.S. Concerts
Unauthorized Light My Fire
Unauthorized Live Volume 1
Unauthorized Live Volume 2
Unknown Soldier
Vancouver 70
Westbury Music Fair
When The Music's Over [Great Dane Records]
When The Music's Over [Magic Records]
When The Music's Over [On Stage records/Sarabandas]
World Ballads Collection

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