The Golden Scarab

THE GOLDEN SCARAB - 2ème album solo de Ray. Les pièces 9, 10 et 11 proviennent du premier album de Ray, The Whole Thing Started With Rock'n'Roll And Now It's Out Of Control.

Ray Manzarek : Voix, Piano, Orgue, Synthétiseur
Tony Williams : Drums
Jerry Scheff : Basse
Larry Carlton : Guitare
Mailto Correa : Congas, Bloc de bois, Bongos
Steve Forman : Cloche à vache, Whistles, Guiro, Bloc de bois
Milt Holland : Pandiero, Cloche à vache Africaine, Cabassa, Quica

The Golden Scarab
1.He Can't Come Today4:40
2.Solar Boat5:58
3.Downbound Train5:30
4.The Golden Scarab6:42
5.The Purpose Of Existence Is ?6:38
6.The Morrish Idol5:38
7.Choose Up And Choose Off4:43
8.Oh Thou Precious Nectar Filled From (Or) A Little4:57
9.Whirling Dervish5:19
10.I Wake Up Screaming3:34
11.Bicentennial Blues (Love It Or Leave it)7:57
Total : 61:36

Mercury Records 314 512 445-2 USA 1974 (vinyl) 1992 (CD)

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