The Complete Studio Recordings [2003]

THE COMPLETE STUDIO RECORDINGS [2003] - 9 septembre 2003 - Une copie conforme du coffret paru en 1999, mais dans un format différent. Un nouveau livret est aussi inclus.

The Complete Studio Recordings [2003] - Disque 1 : The Doors
1.Break On Through (To The Other Side) (Version non censurée)2:29
2.Soul Kitchen3:35
3.The Crystal Ship2:35
4.Twentieth Century Fox2:34
5.Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)3:20
6.Light My Fire7:08
7.Back Door Man3:34
8.I Looked At You2:22
9.End Of The Night2:53
10.Take It As It Comes2:17
11.The End (Version non censurée)11:42
Total : 44:29
The Complete Studio Recordings [2003] - Disque 2 : Strange Days
1.Strange Days3:09
2.You're Lost Little Girl3:05
3.Love Me Two Times3:17
4.Unhappy Girl2:00
5.Horse Latitudes1:35
6.Moonlight Drive3:03
7.People Are Strange2:12
8.My Eyes Have Seen You2:30
9.I Can't See Your Face In My Mind3:26
10.When The Music's Over10:56
Total : 35:13
The Complete Studio Recordings [2003] - Disque 3 : Waiting For The Sun
1.Hello, I Love You2:16
2.Love Street2:51
3.Not To Touch The Earth3:55
4.Summer’s Almost Gone3:22
5.Wintertime Love1:52
6.The Unknown Soldier3:24
7.Spanish Caravan3:00
8.My Wild Love2:52
9.We Could Be So Good Together2:09
10.Yes, The River Knows2:38
11.Five To One4:26
Total : 32:45
The Complete Studio Recordings [2003] - Disque 4 : The Soft Parade
1.Tell All The People3:21
2.Touch Me3:13
3.Shaman's Blues4:49
4.Do It3:08
5.Easy Ride2:42
6.Wild Child2:37
7.Runnin' Blue2:28
8.Wishful Sinful2:58
9.The Soft Parade8:35
Total : 33:51
The Complete Studio Recordings [2003] - Disque 5 : Morrison Hotel
1.Roadhouse Blues4:05
2.Waiting For The Sun4:00
3.You Make Me Real2:53
4.Peace Frog2:50
5.Blue Sunday2:12
6.Ship Of Fools3:11
7.Land HO!4:11
8.The Spy4:17
9.Queen Of The Highway2:47
10.Indian Summer2:36
11.Maggie M'Gill4:24
Total : 37:26
The Complete Studio Recordings [2003] - Disque 6 : L.A. Woman
1.The Changeling4:22
2.Love Her Madly3:21
3.Been Down So Long4:41
4.Cars Hiss By My Window4:12
5.L.A. Woman7:51
7.Hyacinth House3:12
8.Crawling King Snake5:00
9.The WASP (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)4:15
10.Riders On The Storm7:13
Total : 48:44
The Complete Studio Recordings [2003] - Disque 7 : Essential Rarities
1.Woman Is A Devil (inédite, Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood, CA 25 Fév. 1969)4:09
2.Hello To The Cities (Live au Ed Sullivan Show, 1967 et au Cobo Hall, Detroit, 1970)0:56
3.Break On Through (To The Other Side) (Live au Isle Of Wight Festival, Angleterre, 1970)4:32
4.Roadhouse Blues (Enregistrée Live au Madison Square Garden, New York, 1970)4:19
5.Hyacinth House (Démo enregistrée au studio personnel de Robby Krieger, 1969)2:40
6.Who Scared You (Enregistrée aux Elektra Studios, 1969)3:16
7.Whiskey, Mystics and Men (Enregistrée aux Elektra Studios, 1970)2:19
8.I Will Never Be Untrue (Live au Aquarius Theater, Hollywood, 1970)3:56
9.Moonlight Drive (Enregistrée aux World Pacific Studios, 1965)2:31
10.Queen Of The Highway (Version alternative enregistrée aux Elektra Studios, 1969)3:32
11.Someday Soon (Live au Seattle Center, Seattle, 1970)3:41
12.Hello, I Love You (Démo enregistrée aux World Pacific Studios, 1965)2:28
13.Orange County Suite (Enregistrée aux Elektra Studios, 1970)5:27
14.The Soft Parade (Live à PBS Television, New York, 1970)10:03
15.The End (Enregistrée Live au Madison Square Garden, New York, 1970)18:01
Total : 71:50

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